Cyber Security

Predicate Logic offers a wide range of Cyber Security and engineering services, with a specific emphasis on the application to mission critical and mission essential tactical systems.

Our staff is experienced in developing all of the components required for both the DoDIIS Certification & Accreditation (C&A) processes; in applying DoD, DCID and DoN requirements within tactical and non-tactical defense systems; identifying secure network component configurations; and developing and conducting focused IA employment and general security awareness training. We have a detailed understanding of the functional requirements driving systems design and the techniques necessary for implementing Cyber Security requirements during system development.

We specialize in the analysis and allocation of Cyber Security requirements into complex systems, and the documentation of the resulting Cyber Security architecture within System Security Authorization Agreements (SSAAs) and other C&A materials. Our staff has directed DoDIIS C&A efforts for DoD programs since the process’ very inception, and has successfully completed DoDIIS C&A efforts for many systems fielded today.

Predicate Logic has worked closely with the developers of some of our military’s most complex combat, weapons and communications systems to ensure Cyber Security functionality is seamlessly integrated within operating platforms, applications, network devices and special purpose security devices. We ensure compliance with a wide range of specific and unique IA regulations / guidelines relative to security implementation. This includes:

  • DoDD 8500.1
  • DoDI 8500.2
  • DCID 6/3
  • CJCSINST 6510.01D
  • DoDIIS

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