Predicate Logic has system experts experienced in Navy and Marine Logistics. Predicate Logic has developed Logistics Documentation for:

  • AN/USQ-162(V) 1 (V)2 Element Management System (EMS)
  • AN/USQ-162(V)3 Automated Radio Communications (ARC) System

Some of our work products include:

  • System Administrator’s Guide (SAG)
  • User’s Logistics Support Summary (ULSS)
  • System User’s Manual (SUM)
  • Preventive Maintenance System (PMS) MIPS/MRC
  • System Engineering Program Plan (SEPP)
  • Program Plan
  • Installation Control Drawings (ICDs)
  • Program Support Data (PSD)
  • Navy Training System Plan (NTSP)
  • Job Task Analysis (JTA)
  • Provisioning Technical Documentation (PTD)
  • Joint Electronic Type Designation Automated System (JETDAS) data entry
  • System Operator’s Manual (SOM) (XML formatted)